Welcome to Snowberry Studios' Gallery. Here we share heart touching moments in our clients' lives which we hope will touch yours!


Comments and compliments from our clients:

Syazana & Masranul, "Bro terima kasih banyak-banyak ah lawa berabis video kami ah bukan kami saja puas hati family yang meliat pun suka bro with all the great choice of music banar lawa (((; "
"Thanks a lot, our video is fantastic, it's not only us who are satisfied, so are our family. They like watching it, with all the great choices of music, really amazing.

Herwan & Fatimah, "U made it look like it was d happiest day of my life. Lawa lah! :) I loved d video. 3x ku mliat. Hehe. Keep up d good work!"
"You made it look like it was the happiest day of my life. Well done! I love the video, watched it 3 times. Keep up the good work!"

Fathiyah & Amiruddin, "Good Job!We both love it!!"

Shaiful & Faezah, "Tq very much for being the best professional videographer for us!! We enjoyed and proud to watch the videos you composed!! :-)"

Aisamuddin & Zunaidah, "It is nice. We enjoyed it. Thanks"

Zakaria & Ummu Salamah, "Terima kasih kerana melawa2kan video kami. We really enjoyed watching it!"
"Thank you for beautifying our video. We really enjoyed watching it"